Our roasts have been crafted with over 20 years of roasting experience, and we pair this knowledge with premium world beans from coffee regions around the world. The results are coffees that will take your senses on a delectable journey every time you enjoy a cup. Now to introduce our roasts:


North Shore

We choose to highlight the Arabica Brazilian coffee bean which is known for its sweet and nutty characteristics. We use a medium roast and with each cup one can notice the subtlety of bittersweet chocolate. For the drinker who is searching for a cup of coffee with low acidity, this roast is the one for you.


Maui Kine

Through artfully roasting the Organically Grown Arabic Mexican bean, which has an inherently spicy overtone, we create what many consider a medium-bodied roast the provides flavors of milk chocolate and almonds. This roast has more of an acidic snap.


This roast features Organically Grown Sumatra beans from Indonesia. Prior to roasting these beans have a gorgeous blue-green color reminiscent of jade. Once roasted, one will discover hints of butterscotch, spice, and a creamy sweetness. Those flavors will blend to create a complex full-bodied coffee with low acidity. This roast is ideal for the drinker who takes cream and sugar.


Here we selected the Arabica Colombia Supremo bean. It provides a consistent silky body, with a bright sweet aromatic taste. This roast provides a smooth experience reminiscent to that of watch the sun awaken Oahu’s North Shore.

Sunset – “The Decaffeinated”

We use water-processed decaffeinated beans for the complimentary roast: Utilizing the same Arabica Colombia Supremo bean in our Sunrise roast, delivering the same aromas, tastes, and body, minus the caffeine.



We chose the Panama varietal due to the bean’s deep flavor and aromas which lend to a well-balanced and full-bodied cup of coffee. One can find hints of caramel, chocolate, honey, and toasted grains.


This roast showcases the characteristics of the Arabica Guatemalan bean. Hidden within the highest grade beans, our roast creates a well-balanced cup with a chocolatey aroma and a creamy smooth finish.



This is our signature blend, although the mixture is a secret, we are more than happy to share with you a roast that lends to a cup of coffee with a smooth, chocolatey finish.


Here we light roast the varietal, Indian Malabar; a bean with a rich and syrupy body combined with notes of pepper, spices, and dark molasses. Then we combine Indian Malabar with our North Shore and Paniolo Roasts. Together they display the different shades of roasting, yet blend together to create a brilliant cup of coffee. This is proof that it is always sunshine and rainbows in the Aloha State.